Warranty conditions

1-For passenger cars and depending on brands and type of car battery they are covered with 6/12/18 or 24 months with manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect.

2- The car battery with warranty for 1 year or less will have 1 time onsite free replacement. For battery with over 1 year warranty will have maximum 2 times on site replacement.

3- Battery warranty purchased under the Mr VOLT ‘power contract’ for 18 or 24 months will have unlimited on site replacement. Subject the passenger car will drive over 10,000 km and below 50,000 km per year. Mr Volt reserves the right to determine the brand and model for replacement under the warranty as per the passenger car specification.

4- Defective battery will be replaced with a similar power and specification if the same battery brand/model is not available at the time of warranty replacement. The warranty on the replacement battery will be limited in time as per the initial purchased passenger car battery. Passenger car has to have same customer name and registration plate as recorded in the warranty card.

5- Within the car passenger any electrical defect/ charging system problem / car modification/ battery removal / battery usage out of its scope as starting battery within the car will void the warranty.

6- Passenger Car battery warranty is not valid: For specific passenger cars such as limousine & bus’s companies, rental cars fleets, taxi & emergency cars as well commercial Off Roads cars. Option to have a limited warranty on theses passengers’ car: to enquire with Mr VOLT.

7- For warranty claim Mr Volt will reserves the right to determine whether the battery in question will have its warranty void, be replaced with a similar brand or recharged.

Original Invoice and Warranty card must be surrendered upon claiming warranty. Warranty claims or other matters related to this purchase will have to be made through 800VOLT. Do call 800 8658 and we will be happy to assist you.