Terms & Conditions

  1. Only battery sales are covered by this warranty. Others battery related service but not limited to: such as boosting, inspection of battery health and car charging system, cabling, are not covered.
  2. MR.VOLT as a service provider will not be responsible for any liability incurred by the customer, vehicle or third party, as a result of battery manufacturing defect. The warranty is limited only to recharging or replacing of such defective batteries.
  3. All liability under the warranty will cease on transfer of the battery to any vehicle or party other than the original purchaser and or expiration of the warranty period.
  4. In case of valid warranty claim, geographical coverage is limited only to the area being serviced by Mr VOLT.
  5. Warranty will be serviced on appointment basis during company’s working hours.
  6. In Case of battery purchase by customer and the power of the battery is not as per the rated power for the car, the warranty will be void.
  7. Once the battery is replaced under the warranty claim, the defective battery will be the property of Mr. VOLT for further claim with the manufacturer.
  8. In case the warranty claim attended by Mr VOLT team is not related to a battery defect but to a mechanical or other electrical related matter, Therefore the customer will be charged AED 95 for onsite call out charges. The call out charges of AED 95 can be used as a credit note if replacement with a new battery is done within 6 months.
  9. In case of warranty claim and the battery was discharged because of car lengthy storage or less usage a callout fees including battery charging fee for AED 150 will be invoiced.
  10. Battery purchase are non refundable and cannot be exchanged after installation
  11. Warranty is insurance from the manufacturer that the product will function according its specification for a defined period when used under normal operating conditions. When defect have occurred which are obvious caused by misuse, Mr. VOLT will not take responsibility for it.
  12. When the defective battery is inspected and show any form of user damage, Mr VOLT has the right to deny right of battery replacement or charging.
  13. The warranty will be denied in the event of any but not limited to the following conditions
  14. The battery was damaged, discharged or overcharged due to faulty or careless handling and negligence
  15. The vehicules wherein the battery was installed does have any auxiliaries equipment, non OEM electrical device
  16. The battery was damaged, discharged or overcharged due to faulty electrical system
  17. The battery was used for an application which is considered inappropriate and unsuitable.
  18. If the container, cover and terminals are damaged due to negligent maintenance, tempering or destroyed in an accident such as collision, fire, explosion…
  19. If there is any physical damage due to extreme heat around the battery and battery will leak, bulge and or explode.
  20. If a battery additive has being added
  21. The battery was damaged due to force majeure such as but not limited to war, flooding, earthquake, strike, and theft