FAQ : Cars Emergency Services

  1. Where does Mr VOLT deliver the service to?

    Cars Emergency Services can be delivered to vehicles parked outdoors or indoors in Dubai & Sharjah region such as:

    Booking service for car batteries replacement can be booked for all UAE regions.

    Mr VOLT operating hours?

    Emergency road side assistance: 24h / 7 days a week

    certain emergency services on site might be limited or unavailable for remote area such as off   road or out of major cities reach.

    Booking service: battery replacement, tire change and fuel refill service: 24H / 7 days a week

    Customer Care 050 – 324 3828 From 8 am to 8 pm, six days a week.

    Do I need to be present during car service delivery?

    Yes – Although enough space should be around the car to perform the service.

    Can I order the nearest time slot and then call to make it later due to an emergency?

    Generally, this won’t be possible as we will have other scheduled orders to make first. If the order is cancelled 2 hours prior the booking you will be charged AED95 for call out call fees. You can contact our Customer Care Team 050 324 3828 to see if they can assist you in case of an emergency.

    How does Mr VOLT keep my data secure?

    When you do an online booking or you provide your information for warranty and purchase we do not share your personal information with any third party. We also do not hold your payment card details.

    Is it safe to use Mr VOLT services?

    Absolutely! Our delivery trucks are built to international standards and are equipped with the latest security and safety features. Our team members are carefully selected and have completed our comprehensive training program.

    Will I get charged if I cancel my order?

    If you cancel your order at least two hours before the scheduled delivery, there’ll be no charge. Cancellations made within two hours of scheduled

    Delivery may be liable to a cancellation fee. Check our Terms of Use for full details.

    Which payment methods do you support?

    You can use COD (Cash on Delivery) or any UAE-issued Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX debit or credit cards to pay for your orders. We will introduce soon the payment by link and BNPL as well.

    All Payments for emergency services are made after the diagnostic is done on site and agreement by the customer on the price and service purchased.

    For pre-booking of specific services as confirmed over the phone and SMS / Whatsup can be paid up front in some cases.

    Can I have the emergency service for my car when it is parked indoors?

    We can deliver services to vehicles parked outdoors & indoors. If you’re parked in a basement, you can bring your car out to our Team or check with your building’s security if it’s allowed to deliver our services to your basement. When you make your booking informing the team where your car is located.

    What additional products can I order with my emergency Service delivery?

    You can order the following add-ons with your emergency service delivery:

    • Air Freshener: AED 25
    • Mr VOLT Sunshade / Key rings: AED 25
    • Tissue Box: AED 5
    • Disposable Face Mask and Anti-bacterial Wipes: AED 12/15
    • iPhone USB Charger Cable: AED 50
    • Micro USB Charger Cable: AED 20
    • Android USB Charger Câble: AED 35
    • Car Charging Adapter: AED 50
    • The above items are subject to availability on the day of order.